The Perry Center publishes original works by faculty, staff, alumni, and international colleagues through a variety of print and digital outlets. The current lineup of publications includes: the Security and Defense Studies Review interdisciplinary journal, Regional Insights, Occasional Papers, and the Perry Paper Series, as well as special reports and books. We welcome submissions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese for any of the publication types.

Please see our publications handbook for more information on specific submission guidelines and policies, and feel free to contact us at with any further questions. In addition, we have produced a writing guide that details the writing process for prospective authors from start to finish and includes many handy resources and tools for students and professional writers alike.

To view a particular publication, simply click on the icon of the publication’s front page. It will open as an Adobe Acrobat document in a new window. To view a publication archive, click on the archive’s title.

For archived articles published by the Perry Center not found on our web site, please visit our Digital Library Collection

Occasional Papers
Occasional Papers are stand-alone publications that cover a broad range of topics and showcase a new perspective, insight, or analysis of a historical theme or current event.

Occasional Paper - Realuyo

July 2016
The United States and Central America: From Stopping Communism to Stopping Kids

Dr. Thomas Bruneau



Regional Insights
Regional Insights offer a brief analysis of regional events, trends, or themes, tying events in one country of government to their broader regional implications.

Regional Insight Cover

December 2016
Planes de Acción Nacional para la Resolución 1325: Casos de Argentina, China, y Paraguay

Daniela B. Sepúlveda Soto
Pablo A. Rivas Pardo


Security and Defense Studies Review

The Security and Defense Studies Review journal (SDSR) is the Perry Center’s flagship publication. The SDSR contains articles on a diverse range of timely topics: international security, Western Hemisphere affairs, country-specific studies, and perspectives on regional history. Each issue contains an assortment of scholarly articles, commentaries from top policymakers and security practitioners, and book reviews of works of interest to the Perry Center community.

pub-SDSR-v15 coverVolume 16 (2014)

Ricardo Alessandrini, Christina Blain, Tiago Delgado, Silvana Elizondo, R. Evan Ellis, Lucas Fonseca, Viriginia Iribarne, Patricia Kehoe, Kevin Newmeyer, Silvana Pascucci, and Pat Paterson.



Perspectivas eJournal
Perspectivas is a digital publication that contains an array of articles, commentaries, and policy statements in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Perspectivas thrives on the diversity of “perspectives” that make up the defense and security community of interest. Valuable insights from Perry Center alumni, high-level government leaders, members of academia, and journalists serve as the foundation of each issue.

Perspectivas CoverVolume 02 (July 2014)

Juan Sebastian Verastegui Marchena, W. Alejandro Sanchez, Sabrina Evangelista Medeiros, Frank Mauricio Cabrera Rizek




Perry Papers Series

The Perry Paper Series is a brand-new publication outlet of the Perry Center. The Perry Paper Series aims to highlight important topics in Western Hemisphere security and defense, and to recognize cutting-edge research and scholarship on those issues.

pub-SDSR-v14 coverNumber 02 (2015)
Fronteras en Colombia: ¿Estratégicas, Amenaza u Oportunidad para la Seguridad y Defensa?

Nicolás Fernando Gallo Campos



Annual Reports
The Perry Center has published a Fiscal Year (FY) Annual Report Since 2011. Each report covers the educational programs, outreach activities, and achievements of the Center that occurred throughout the fiscal year. The Annual Reports serve as a foundational primer on who we are, what we do, and the impact we have in the Western Hemisphere.

pub-AR-FY15-coverAnnual Report (FY 2016)





Bibliography Series
The Perry Center Bibliography Series is a collection of references covering thematic topics of interest to the Center. The collections include books, official reports, and journal articles. While some material addresses general theoretical issues of a topic, many of the references specifically examine the issue as it relates to the Western Hemisphere. We hope the bibliographies are useful to scholars and practitioners in the region.

Occasional Paper - Ospina

The Rule of Law in Latin America: A Selected Annotated Bibliography
(Updated September 2013)

Pat Paterson, Raúl Quintana



Other Publications

In addition to the Perry Center’s regular publications, such as the Occasional Papers and the Security and Defense Studies Review, the Center also publishes one-off pieces. These items are located here.

August 2016
Contemporary Security and Defense Issues in the Caribbean

George Benson, Francesca Caonero, Pernille Rasmussen, Dianne Williams, Valeen Calder, Netty-Ann Gordon, Henderson P. Patrick, Wilbert Kirton, Pat Paterson, and R. Evan Ellis.


External Faculty and Staff Publications

In addition to writing for the Perry Center, our faculty and staff are also featured in other institutions’ publications. A selection of these pieces are available here.

Training Surrogate Forces in International Humanitarian Law: Lessons from Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, and Iraq
Joint Special Operations University Press

Patrick Paterson