Current Interns

Current Fellows

FerreiraThiago Borne Ferreira is a visiting researcher from Brazil and a Fulbright fellow. He is at the Perry Center conducting research for his Ph.D. at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre. Thiago holds a B.A. in International Relations and a M.A. in Political Science. Prior to coming to the US, Thiago has taught undergraduate courses in geopolitics and international security and has worked with distance learning projects in Brazil. He is currently working under Dr. Salvador Raza’s supervision. His dissertation deals with military robotic systems and force design. His research interests also include cybersecurity, private military companies, and irregular warfare.

Current Interns

SendounAnastasia Sendoun is a junior at Georgetown University pursuing a B.A. in Government and Spanish. Her interests include comparative politics, post-conflict and post-revolution transitions, anti-corruption efforts, rule of law, and the emergence of political norms. She is working with Professor Pat Paterson, conducting research on human rights enforcement in Latin America and Department of Defense policies for U.S. engagement in different types of conflict.
HealionChristian Healion is a senior at George Washington University pursuing a double major in International Affairs and Political Science with a concentration in Security Policy. His areas of interest include conventional warfare, counterinsurgency, homeland security, and transnational organized crime. This semester he is working with Professor Celina Realuyo on issues relating to counterterrorism and combatting transnational organized crime. He loves to travel, having spent a semester abroad in Prague and traveling to Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Croatia in addition to Costa Rica and 21 US states.
OlsenChristopher Olsen is pursuing a MA in Defense and Strategic Studies from Missouri State University. His interests include cybersecurity, narcotrafficking, counterterrorism, and U.S. – Latin American relations. He is currently working with Dr. Boris Saavedra and Dr. Luis Bitencourt, conducting research on cybersecurity, robotics, and drones as well as defense policy and complex threats.
TaboraJacobo Tabora is a senior at UT San Antonio and is pursuing a BA in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Political Science. His interests include foreign policy, national security, criminal justice reform and assisting fellow veterans. Jacobo is a retired Marine and wounded warrior, and served in Haditha, Iraq in 2007 as a Tank Crewman. He is currently working on research with Dr. David Spencer, focusing on the peace treaty that the Colombian government is trying to implement with the FARC.
MorfinLuis Morfin is a student at The George Washington University pursuing an undergraduate degree in American Studies with a minor in Communications. He has an interest in international conflict resolution, crisis and risk management, and image management. He is working with Colonel Robert F. Alvaro on an ongoing effort to modernize, website management, and events.
MoraMichelle Mora is a student at John Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) pursuing a MA in International Relations and Economics, with a concentration in Latin American Studies and Emerging Markets. Some of her interests include transnational crime, democratic development, immigration/migration policy, and US foreign policy towards Latin America. Michelle has experience living, working and/or studying in the U.S., Brazil, Italy and Peru. She is currently working with Dr. Scott Tollefson conducting research on Brazil – U.S. relations and Southern Cone strategic security issues.
GonzalezMonica Gonzalez is a last year student of International Relations at the University of Rosario in Bogota, Colombia. Passionate about international security issues such as geopolitics, strategy, intelligence and counterterrorism; attended the war college in Bogota and chose to study the “security and democracy” emphasis offered by the University of Rosario. Monica conducted her thesis research on the Sino-Russian strategic partnership and its influence on the Eurasian balance of power and is currently assisting Dr. Alejandra Bolanos on the research of a wide variety of security issues in the Western Hemisphere. Monica Speaks English, French and Spanish
VelasquezNicolás Velásquez Díaz is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in International Relations at the University of Rosario in Bogotá, Colombia and his Master’s degree in Risk Management in Developing Countries (GRPS) at the Bordeaux Institute of Political Studies in France. He has a multicultural background with language skills in Spanish, French, and English. He is interested in the study of defense and security in Latin America, specifically focusing on developing project management in complex situations. After his internship at the Perry Center, Nicolás hopes to work as an analyst or consultant for the private or public sector.

Previous Interns

Luis Fernando Alonso is a graduate student from the University of Pittsburgh, pursuing a MA in International Affairs with concentrations in Security and Intelligence Studies and International Political Economy, as well as a graduate certificate in Latin American Social and Public Policy. His areas of interests include narcotrafficking, foreign policy, national security, and economics. He is currently working with Dr. Boris Saavedra, conducting research on small arms trafficking and cybersecurity in Latin America. Additionally, he is assisting Professor Pat Paterson and Dr. Scott Tollefson with research on U.S. strategic priorities and Brazil defense relations.

Emily Tenuta is a senior pursuing a BA at Villanova University in Political Science and Philosophy, with a minor in Spanish. Her interests include the ethics of war, political philosophy, national security, and contemporary warfare. She is currently collaborating with Professor Pat Paterson on civilian-military relations in Colombia, International Criminal Court cases and Special Tribunals, and military professionalism, as well as conducting research on the use of International Humanitarian law in response to nonconventional armed conflicts. She has also worked with the Perry Center’s former Diplomat in Residence Ambassador Adam Blackwell on U.S. Foreign engagement strategy and appropriations in Central America.

Cami Blaha is a student at the University of Virginia in her third year, pursuing a BA degree in Foreign Affairs and Spanish. Her interests include human rights enforcement, constitutional law, and post-conflict resolution, among other topics. She is currently working for Professor Pat Paterson and Dr. Scott Tollefson, conducting research on human rights and Brazil and U.S. defense relations. She is from the DC area, and has lived in places such as Turkey, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Cuba, and the United States.

Sarah Albanesi is a senior at The American University’s School of International Service, studying national security and foreign policy towards Latin America. Her many areas of interest include money laundering, narcotrafficking, and U.S. – Latin American partnerships designed to strengthen institutions, and the rule of law. Sarah is originally from Boxford, Massachusetts. During her internship at the Perry Center, she is working with Professor Celina Realuyo to research topics related to citizen security, money laundering, and narcotrafficking in Central America and Mexico.